Okta SSO Configuration

SSO with Okta

As you complete the below steps, you will need to obtain Infosec Skills Metadata and ACS URLs. To do so:

  1. Open a new tab and login to Infosec Skills.
  2. Navigate to Teams on the left side menu and select Single Sign-On.
    i. Metadata URL: Service Provider Metadata URL for your Team in Skills
    ii. ACS URL: ACS URL for your Team in Skills

To create the SAML app in Okta, please follow the below steps:

  1. Login to Okta Admin Dashboard.

  2. Select Applications, add Application.

  3. Click Create New App

  4. On the Create New Application Integration pop-up, select SAML 2.0. Then Create .

  5. For General Settings

  • App Name: Infosec Skills SSO or a name of your choice
  • App Logo: Upload your own logo, or leave blank
  • Click Next
  1. Configure your SAML settings with the following in the General section:
  • For Single Sign On URL: use the ACS URL from your Teams SSO page in Skills
  • For the Audience URL (SP Entity ID): use the Service Provider Metadata URL from your Teams SSO page in Skills
  • Name ID format: EmailAddress
  • Application username: Email

Enter the following fields below. Use the Add Another button to generate a new field.

Name Name fornat Value
first_name Unspecified user.firstName
last_name Unspecified user.lastName
email Unspecified user.email


  1. In Step 3, the Feedback section is optional. Select Finish.

  2. Navigate back to the Sign On tab, click View Setup Instructions.

  3. Scroll down to the Optional field and copy the IDP Metadata xml.

  4. On the Infosec Skills Single Sign-On page, paste the IDP metadata xml into the raw XML text box. Click Enable.

Note: Authentication errors can be viewed in download CSV on lower right side of the page.