Reporting - Learning Path Progress

Learning Path progress will demonstrate the following information related to progress towards completing a Learning Path in Skills.

Click on Teams > Learning path progress under Learner Reports from the menu to view the following columns:

  • Learning Path Name
  • Count of Learners
  • Count of Not Started
  • Count of In Progress
  • Count of Completed
  • Completion Percentage
  • Time Spent

To see more detailed information regarding an individual learner’s progress in the learning path, click on a learning path row in the report to open the Learner Details view. The information displayed will provide the following additional columns filtered to the specific learning path selected:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Department
  • Title
  • Progress (%)
  • Completion Date
  • Total Time (Sum of the total time of each completed item in the Learning Path)
  • Total Length
  • Course
  • Cyber Range
  • Project
  • Initial Assessment Rank
  • Best Assessment Rank
  • Practice Exam (completion score %)
  • Quizzes (completion score %)

Note: use the blue scroll bar at the bottom to view additional information of each user in that Learning Path.

Note** Default filtering for Status is set to Active and Pending.

Click the Download detailed CSV button to generate user information on an Excel Spreadsheet.

Note: Learning Time Reporting items are updated at the following intervals:
ITEM Update Interval
Learner Management Immediate (learner is added, shows up instantly after in report)
Groups Immediate (group created, shows up instantly after in report)
Learning Path Progress (summary) Every hour at the 45 minute mark (1:45, 2:45, …)
Learning Path Progress (details) Every hour at the 30 minute mark (1:30, 2:30, …)
Learning Time Summary (all users) Once a day at 12AM (midnight) Central US Time
Learning Time Details (drilldown of single user) Once a day at 12AM (midnight) Central US Time