How to assign a group a learning path

Learning paths are assigned from the learning path library. Follow the steps outlined below to add a group to a learning path. The group must be created before assigning a learning path to the group.

  1. Click Learn from the menu at the top and navigate to Learning Paths.

  2. Search or scroll the library to find the desired Learning Path.

  3. Click on a learning path tile to review its contents.

  4. Return to the library to assign the path

  5. Click the three-dot menu “” in the learning path tile to bring up additional options and select Assign to group.

  6. Within the assignment window, use the dropdown menu to select a group to assign the learning path to.

  7. Once the group is selected, click the blue CONFIRM button.

The selected group has now been assigned the learning path and learners in the group will see this as Assigned Content on their Skills homepage.

Note: to un-assign learning from a group select "Un-assign from group"